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While it’s nice to have been involved in some high-profile painting projects, our bread and butter remains the single family house. We have a particular affinity for residential and multi-family housing. Like many painting firms, our principals got their start with residential painting around southern Maine as college students many years ago.

Today, we are able to bring that collective expertise to bear across a wide range of homes and communities. We offer the full range of preparatory, coating and finishing services listed elsewhere on this site.

Houses can be professionally sprayed or brushed. We are adept at both and will utilize either depending on the timelines of the project and the client’s wishes. It has been our experience that many homeowners prefer the straight brush method and 80% of our projects are completed that way.

Sometimes, where there are multiple coats involved or there is a strict deadline, selective spraying allows a job to be completed in a more timely manner. Shutters, doors and certain trim are typically sprayed as that method may provide for a smoother finish. The client should expect and will receive a professional and complete effort.

"They arrived early, left late and were very professional throughout whether they were rolling, brushing or spraying. Nice job guys!"


"As a business owner, receiving quality work at a reasonable price is essential. Getting outstanding work at a reasonable price is just that much better. Congrats to the McLane Painting crew for a job well done!"



“It was a pleasure working with the McLane Group. Attention to detail across several hundred thousand square feet, meeting strict deadlines and working alongside dozens of other trades, all with a smile. Professional right to the end.”



“Owning a home in a historic district poses several challenges. McLane Painting went far beyond the norm, patiently toggling between multiple paint schemes, working weekends and completing the job under budget. I would highly recommend them.”


“Given the firm’s reputation, I expected a professional paint job. The pleasant surprise was how neat the group was. My home looked the same each night as it did in the morning…tidy and clean. Thx. guys!”